Welcome to Wealth Coach of North Carolina

You have aspirations. There's a place you'd like to be. How long will it take you to get there? Are you making the right decisions? Perhaps you need a plan.

What is your clear vision? "Run a successful business." "Take care of my employees." "Upgrade my family's lifestyle." "Transition the business to the next generation." "Make sure my family is taken care of." "Give the most I can to charity." "Cover my children's education costs." "Retire confidently." "Leave a legacy."

If those are goals, where do you start? Have you already started? Are you on the right path? Is it too late to change course? Perhaps, you need a coach to provide some direction.

Wealth Coach of North Carolina is here to fill that need. Our understanding of family and business planning goes deep. Beyond that, we put special focus to special needs planning  and philanthropic strategies. We work as a guide to help you establish your goals, craft a plan to help you towards them, and implement strategies to help ensure you achieve them. 

"You live your life. We help you plan beyond it."

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